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First-Rate Concrete Sealing For Your Oklahoma City Pavement

Concrete sealing services

Four Corners Pressure Washing is the only name you need to know when it comes to concrete sealing. We work with countless commercial clients in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, providing pressure washing and concrete sealing services. Our job is to help local businesses take care of their exterior surfaces, whether that's parking lot cleaning or sealing concrete.

The outside of your commercial property will likely have several concrete features, whether it's a parking area, sidewalk, or driveway. To keep these components better protected, they should be sealed. Sealing concrete vastly enhances durability, extends the lifespan, and improves the appearance.

Call us now to make an appointment for your concrete sealing needs. These surfaces should be sealed at least every three years to help maintain their integrity and avoid water intrusion.

Pavement Sealer

Although we're known as a top resource for Oklahoma City pressure washing, we're just as reliable for tasks like concrete sealing. We provide services like pavement sealing (or seal coat) that take care of asphalt-based pavements. If left unprotected, the top layer of asphalt will oxidize and decay.

Adding a seal coat will help protect against:

  • Freezing & Thaw Cycle
  • Wear & Tear
  • Vehicle & Chemical Leaks
  • UV Damage

We clean the surface and then get it completely dry to avoid problems with adhesion. The application process is two coats, with a 24-48 hour curing time between the first and second application. The end result is pavement with a durable, protective coating that also improves the appearance.

Problems That Develop With Unsealed Surfaces

Failure to seal your concrete or asphalt surfaces can lead to problems that develop over time:

  • Weather Disintegration - The elements and temperature fluctuations cause the material to become brittle and compromised.
  • Aggregate Expansion - Salt for ice and snow causes it to melt, and the water will leak into cracks, which then refreeze and thaw again, causing more significant gaps.
  • Delamination - Delamination is basically blisters that form on the top layer of the concrete due to direct exposure to harsh UV rays.

To schedule your concrete sealing in Oklahoma City, get in touch with Four Corners Pressure Washing today.

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