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Complete Red Dirt Stain Removal Professional Serving Oklahoma City

Red dirt stain removal

You know about red dirt stains if you live in or around Oklahoma City. What you may not know is how to address the need for red dirt stain removal. You can simply delegate the work to the hard-working crew at Four Corners Pressure Washing and watch us work some magic.

While this isn't the only area with red clay as a dominant type of soil, only those who have lived near it know what a hassle it can be. You quickly realize that pressure washing alone won't be enough for removing red dirt stains. Whether it's house washing or driveway washing, if you don't partner with a company that specializes in red dirt stain removal, you'll still have stains once the job is done.

Our stain removal process minimizes the appearance of stains drastically, if not eliminating them altogether. Your property will look cleaner, and those intrusive red dirt stains won't be the focal point anymore.

Red Clay Staining Clean Up

Why does it require red dirt stain removal and not just pressure washing? Red dirt contains iron oxide, or rust, which is highly insoluble. In fact, iron oxides are commonly used for inexpensive pigmentation for paints, coatings, and other materials to provide a rust tone. It's designed by nature to discolor and stain, making it next to impossible to wash away.

We use a process that combines powerful cleaning solutions with the right exterior cleaning equipment for effective results. It even gets into crevices like the porous surface of concrete and removes stubborn stains.

Avoid DIY Chemical Cleaning Agents

Your nearby home improvement and hardware store carry harsh chemical agents that promise to remove red clay stains. You can also buy or rent a power washer in the same place. However, the work is dangerous, and the outcome is often a disaster!

  • Avoid chemicals that can harm humans, animals, and plants
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions that can damage surfaces
  • Don't attempt to use a pressure washing device without training

To avoid the possibility of personal injury or property damage, let our experts do the job for you. Call us today for red dirt stain removal, and wait until you see how much better your Oklahoma City home looks.

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